Thursday, March 27, 2008

Just another day in Bath

The other day I was awoken by a man on a PA system.

"Ladies and gentlemen," he said through my window, "please note that the race will be delayed by one hour, one hour ladies and gentlemen."

It reminded me of living in downtown Ketchikan during cruise ship season. From my bedroom in the attic I could see the huge ships, docked and teeming, and hear the morning announcements:

"Please be back on board by one-thirty. If you'd like to take part in the gold-panning tour, please see Sourdough Sal over by the information center."

This was my summer wake up call.

But now I'm in Bath, and the nearest ocean is miles away. When I peeked out the window of my daylight-basement flat at the feet of the passers-by, I saw not the orthopedic walking shoes and matching track suits of aging tourists, but rather high-quality tennis shoes, spandex leggings and over-muscled calves.

The Bath Half - an annual half marathon that begins and ends on my street.

I should have signed up for it, being an experienced half-marathoner myself. But the conditions of the day were cold and wet and generally not very pleasant, so I'm happy that I decided to give it a miss.

The best part about the race (which I didn't actually watch) was the giant foam sandwich that was handing out flyers on my street corner.

I mean really, when is that going to happen again?


GreenEggsandSam said...

ok, I started reading your blog and laughed and went to pick up the phone to call you and're on a different continent and THAT's not going to be a free call.
Sooooo, alas (and did my Savior bleed), I will just enjoy your life through your writings...and the large sandwich on the block.
Although, we should talk very soon!

Nathaniel said... everyone in Bath loco? Just saw some Bath yahoo decided to row across the Atlantic to raise money for African agriculture awareness.

I don't suppose you know him.

ps. i dont read your blog.