Thursday, April 03, 2008

a battle of wills

About two months ago I sliced a tomato in half.

One half was used to add color, flavor, and valuable nutrients to a sandwich.

The other was deposited in a small Tupperware container, stuck in the door of my fridge and promptly forgotten.

A few weeks ago, while reaching for my block of Parmesan cheese, I was reacquainted with the existence of this half-a-tomato, if it can still be called that.

I didn't take a close look. I know that it can't be pretty.

I also know that eventually I will have to pull the small Tupperware out of the door of my refrigerator and deal with the now-putrid food product therein. But for some reason I'm putting it off. I can't really explain why. I know that I can't win.

Unless I move.



Amber said...

What, no pictures with this post?

Katrina said...

Just throw out the whole container. What can it cost? Two bucks? Three? Much cheaper than the doctor's visit to treat whatever flesh-eating crud you've contracted from a bacteria-laden former tomato.

jessi said...

Ooh, great idea.

And that has to be cheaper than moving in the long run.

Anonymous said...

I got something in my fridge that is worrying me. It looks like barbequed something. I miss Rainey. I really do.---your mom

GreenEggsandSam said...

I think you should incorporate it into your novel.

PS-I was in Corona this week (stayed at the flowers...we missed you)


My dear young cuz,
I may be about the oldest cuz you have (Patti's older), but I have actually learned a thing or two. Put the whole thing in the freezer, and just leave it there.
Love ya, Angie

Amy said...

Boy. I've been there. 'Nough said!

I tagged you! (see my blog)