Thursday, August 23, 2007


When you have a burger and shake at Lucky Wishbone, it's called "slosh."

According to Callie Jane.

I love to have slosh, although I find that I can't do anything afterward other than sleep.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What Blog?

So here we are at the end of August, and I've found that this has not been the Summer of the Blog. In fact, I've had a harder time keeping this thing updated than I did during tax season. With longer days and shorter work hours, you would think that the summer would be a bloggers paradise.

But there is just too much going on.

Wrapping things up at work, preparations for the BM, and trying to enjoy the brief and glorious Alaska summer is a lot of balls to keep in the air.

Plus, did I tell you that I went on a cruise?

Well I did, courtesy of Aunt Lucy, I went on a cruise to...none other than...exotic, distant Alaska! We started in Vancouver, BC and cruised up the Inside Passage to end up in Whittier, which is about 60 miles from home.

Southeast AK is actually very different from where I live in Southcentral. The towns are all built on tiny scraps of land between the mountains and the ocean. Larger towns have exceeded their scraps and have built out into the water on wooden piers and wind up mountains so steep that the roof of one home is practically the floor of the next. I lived down there for four years when I was younger, and I think I would like to again someday.

The cruise company we used does small vessel cruising, which means that we were only 120 passengers strong. This was not the huge Princess or Holland America ships that I used to watch out my window in Ketchikan, flooding the streets and shops with jogging suits. We were small, and dwarfed even further when we were in port next to the huge hotel ships. I love the smaller ship. I like to feel the ocean and I like going out on Zodiacs (rubber raft with an outboard motor) to see glaciers and coastline up close. Every evening the guides and lecturers would have a presentation on some bit of Alaska history, wildlife, or culture.

It's a great way to see Southeast if you only have a short amount of time, you have the chunk of change that I'm sure it costs, and you like afternoon naps.

The cruise took about two weeks of my last month and a half home. Now I have to face the fact that I'm really leaving for the unknown. I'm trying to figure out what to take and how to afford everything and where to live and all the myriad details that accompany a BM. Big Move, that is.

I do have my ticket, now, and I'm going to be flying through New York City to visit Jenni Kim again. We shall feast on Korean BBQ, and Shanghai Joe's soup dumplings and go to a show and maybe the Brooklyn Tabernacle before I meet up with my dad and we fly over to the UK.

I'm going to attempt to be more faithful in my updates, as I have more time now. I'm also going to redouble my efforts at finding my camera cord so that I can include some pictures in these monstrosities of text.

Raise your hand if a disembodied head means nothing to you anymore.

Oh, I see that you've also watched 300.

Like Maximus and William Wallace before him, King Leonidas was killed by the unconquerable foe, but achieved victory nonetheless.

I watched it tonight in the comfort of my own home. What is it about these heroic epics that call us to our couches again and again? We stand in droves $210 million strong to watch the three hundred battle the hosts.

I liked it. It was beautiful, if a little formulaic.

There is quite a bit of blood. And some nakedness.

Buyer beware.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

goodbye to a good firm

Well folks, after four years of plying my accounting trade, I am officially unemployed. I've signed the papers, turned in the keys, and packed my life into one small Xerox box.

Here it is:

Leaving a job is like graduation without the awards and cash gifts (although I wouldn't be opposed to either if one had a hankering to send a little something).

I guess I probably need to start writing creatively now.