Tuesday, December 26, 2006

When you Guata go...

Hello readers! I am on my way to Guatemala!

Have I told you that I'm going to Guatemala? Well I am. Tonight.

I'll be down there with a team of about 20 people for about 10 days. For the majority of that time, we'll be staying and serving at a girls' orphanage in Monjas. Activities should include teaching English and Bible classes, construction, VBS, doing hair, playing with stickers, a lot of soccer, and singing.

Almost the entire team is comprised of return-trippers. They've been before and are itching to get back. Some of the guys have been down five or six times. As a newbie, I'm excited to see what has them so excited.

If you are a friend of the praying variety, I'd appreciate your prayers for this trip. I don't know what will be accomplished in the lives of the Guatemalans or the lives of our American team, but I know that it will be exactly what the Lord has planned.

Please pray especially for the song that I'm going to try to teach the girls down there - the books of the Bible.

In Spanish.

With a dance.

I know that my pronunciation is going to be whack, but I hope they think I'm funny and not a doofus. Or at least a funny doofus.

Praise God for the global church and the power of the Gospel!!


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chiharu said...

hey jessi!!!
i found your blog! :)
i'll be praying for you in guatemala.
miss you.