Friday, December 22, 2006

Winter Solstice - and not a moment too soon.

John Donne called the winter solstice "the year's midnight." So now we wait for the dawn.
It's been snowing in Anchorage for the past few days - our first real winter storm. The snow is airy and abundant and slick - the kind that falls into your car when you open the door and fluffs over the tops of your boots as you scuff across the cul-de-sac. My brothers have shoveled me out three times in a spirit that a friend of mine termed "competitively helpful." Hey, I'll take it.
Daylight and snow are increasing. Snow machines and skiis and sled dogs are being primed all over the city.

Life is good in AK.


Sam I am said...

the snowmen gaxing out the window is HILARIOUS!!!!! thank you, as always!
AND, you have super cool brothers..many 'Way To Go Kevins''..all around. Thank themf or being men. Alwyas nice to hear.

Amy said...

Hey Jessi! My little section of CO got quite a bit of snow as well. We've been snowed in the past 2 days...and by snowed in I mean that they shut down the interstate and roads, all businesses and the airports. My original flight got cancelled yesterday and I can't get out until 12/25...:( Nevertheless, the snow is beautiful! :) i hope i still know your e-mail address. I sent you an e-mail...let me know if you get it! Amy

Flower said...

I'm in vegas right now...the obvious place for a layover on may way to Anchorage. Can't wait to get there and see everyone, see you this afternoon!