Saturday, November 25, 2006

Les Miserables? Les Happyrables!

This post will be short because it is late, but I just wanted to record my thoughts while they were still fresh (and they're fresh, let me tell you. Don't let any children read this blog).

My NYC friend (let's just call her Jenni) and I went to brunch in Chelsea and walked through art galleries in the Meatpacking District (which is known for its art, its nightlife, and its refrigerated hanging carcasses), spent a teeny amount of time in the Met (saw van Gogh, Monet, Degas, and Picasso), went to dinner at one of the best Italian restaurants I've patronized (called Pomodoro) and capped the evening off by attending a little play.

What do you think about Broadway? I'm for it.

Les Mis was at the Broadhurst Theatre (a legendary theatre I know nothing about), which was actually quite small. Way smaller than the Atwood Theatre at home. Unlike the Atwood performances, all seats are good and all the notes were on key. Refreshing. Jean Valjean was played by a swarthy character of medium height with an unbelievable range. Javert was black, elegant, and cold. Perfect.

The story makes me sad, but the performance made me happy.

Jenni said it best, "I have to admit, it was much more than I expected."

Tomorrow: Empire State Building and SNL (i hope, i hope)


Daylan said...

jessi! i'm lame for having neglected your blog all this time. it makes me miss you even more! i can't believe you are in new york. ok, that's a lame thing to say. i can believe it, and i think it's so cool. i'm hooked up to wireless internet right now and am living it up. yah kenya. i hope you get to see snl! i'm jealous. and i love you so much, my witty friend. toodles.

Flower said...

Les Mis is Les Best.

We hope you have a great rest of your time in the Big Apple. Can't wait to see you in Alaska,

Ken and Beth

Sam I am said...

les jealous

sikegami said...

so cool that you are there! I'm enjoying visiting NY through you :) I think the only time I ever want to go to NY would be between now and Christmas...any year, just during the holidays, I think. I think if I had the opportunity I would go anytime, though.