Saturday, November 25, 2006

What's better than a Broadway show?

TWO Broadway shows! There is this fantastic loophole in the Broadway system called the "lottery." If you don't have anything to do on a given night, you can show up a few hours before the show and put your name into a drawing. Selection of your name equals two tickets on the very (and I mean very) front row for twenty-five dollars apiece. It was actually Jenni's name that was selcted, so I'm glad that we are friends.
We got to see Hairspray, which is about as far from Les Mis as they come. Set in the sixties with a lot of bop-shoo-bop and very big hair (that was actually kind of a theme). It wasn't stirring, but it was so, so fun. The actors were distracted by the overly tall girl in the front row with the dopey smile on her face. I could see sweat run down their cheeks and I almost got beaned by a hot dog cart. Awesome.

Today was long and packed. Here's a quick rundown:
1. Got up at five and into the City by seven to get SNL tickets. The show wasn't taping today. Blast. Jenni and the NBC security guards and I had a good chuckle over that one.
2. Breakfast with child prodigy in the neighboring table:
Father: "Daniel, I know that you are only a child of two and a half at the most, but can you spell 'quench'?"
Daniel: "Father, as you know I am wearying of your paternal prodding and would perfer to play with my Thomas the train. But rather than resist, I choose to grow bitter and resentful over the many years of my youth and explode in a fury of rebellion when I drop out of Harvard to grow weed. Q-U-E-N-C-H."
3. Walk through Central Park. Jenni took a nap in the sunshine and I watched a very sweet father/daughter scene.
4. Tour of CNN studios
5. Korean barbeque for dinner
6. Hairspray on the cheap!

I was torn between making this post a record of my Saturday happenings or writing something a bit more introspective. As you have probably guessed, I went with the first choice.

I also know that I've only been talking about the good things I've seen and have said nothing of the sad/scary/disappointing experiences I've had. I just don't know how much post is too much post (although I sense I'm pushing the envelope).

So all that to say, I have more to tell you and hope to disseminate the information when I get home and am no longer doing anything interesting.

Brooklyn - the bridge and the tabernacle
SoHo and the East Village


Sam I am said...

do it up!

The Bird Nest said...

You've got a way about get me in a New York state of mind, that is! Wow, sounds like fun. Good job making it to the Macy's parade - classic! We went to NY last summer and saw Fiddler on the Roof. Why are plays so much better when you're actually on Broadway?