Friday, February 08, 2008

As per your request.

No one can say that we here at Way to Go Kevin! aren't responsive to the changing tastes of our blog-reading demographic.

Well, I suppose that somebody could say it, but he or she had better say it quietly, like under his or her breath in the form of a mutter or sotto voice. Because otherwise someone else might hear him or her and think he (or she) is a doofus.

Anyway, all that to say, here are some pictures requested by our loyal fans (or, in this case fan).

Well, let's just be up front. It was Sam. Sam wanted to see these pictures.

This is my street in Bath. The building down at the end of the street is an art museum.

My apartment is not nearly so posh as my street. It's studio with a small livingroom/bedroom and a kitchen. It's enough for me, but I feel the pinch when people come over. This was taken on Thanksgiving. It's a good thing my friends don't mind sitting on the floor. Behind the white iron lattice is my bedroom.

So this is open into the living room, but I've solved that problem with some clever use of tulle. Well, almost solved it.

The bedroom and living room make an L-shape that is filled in by the cutest little kitchen you've ever seen. (I took this picture before I moved in, it's less bare now)

Well, that's it.


Oh, and this is haggis.

I don't know if the casing in this instance is really sheep-stomach or if it's plastic. I didn't look into it. Sue me.
The potatoes and yellow stuff (called neeps) were great. The haggis was okay. It tasted like weird-tasting sausage.


sikegami said...

Sweet place! I love it! Great room divider, too. We've also been known to party on the's not bad. Thanks for sharing. I smirked when you said, "Sue me." I like your clever humor :)

Katrina said...

You place is so adorable! I would love to visit Bath--I can't even think of Bath without thinking of Jane Austen. In my mind there are women with stays and parasols strolling down the wide walks there. (I know, it's probably iPods and low-rise jeans now, right? LOL...)

Thanks for sharing your photos (and for NOT sharing your haggis!)

zziggysgal said...

Cool life you have!
Thanks for sharing.

GreenEggsandSam said...

my lawyers will be notifying you soon.
Thank you..the visuals help me tremendously (for my memoirs...the chapter about our friendship). The rest of us can write too, you know.
seriously, the fan, thanks you.

Ty said...

hey jess,

I like your place. It looks nice and cozy. I think Laura and I will be getting a hotel room though...

I would write more, but I have to go "drop a haggis"...if you know what I mean.