Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Contemplating another BM

I've been putting it off. Resisting the temptation to flock from one blog site to another like a lemming.

But recently I've been feeling constrained by the limits of Blogger, and have found myself wandering over to Wordpress, "just to look around."

It may happen. It may not.

But if it does, which is better:



madburns said...

jessithegreat would be my humble vote

Anonymous said... big narcissist.

Anonymous said...

I vote for jessithegreat just because we think you are. Your blogs delight us! Looking forward to seeing you at Christmas when we visit Lo & Ty.

Patti Greenfield (Laura's mom)

Anonymous said...

waytogokevin is my vote, egomania is to be discouraged.


GreenEggsandSam said...

ewww, I could go either way on this one.
First off, let me congratulate your growth in maturity and wisdom evidenced in your willingness to comtemplate wordpress. It's just better.
Secondly,...nothing, Just wanted the first.