Thursday, December 07, 2006

Confession time.

You may have noticed, dear readers, that the posts of the past week have been a little heavy on the images and a little shy on prose.

“Jessi!” you may well have protested, “We thought that you wanted to be a writer. That you were going to use this corner of the world wide web to hone your craft and entertain the masses with your turn of phrase and cheeky humor! Yet all we see are photo captions, the poor man’s post. Shame.”

Well I have a good excuse which I will share with you now.

I must first admit to you all that occasionally I am irresistibly drawn to that fickle mistress, the “Next Blog” button. Usually I find myself in the world of Linux How-to, or the high times of Cindy Sorority at Party U. Normally I glance at the page and I move on to something more interesting, like cleaning the bathroom or shoveling the driveway.

But a few weeks ago I came across a good one and now I’ve been too busy to write because I’m reading about the life of Katrina S., a stranger who lives in Idaho. She is funny and heartfelt and an excellent blogger who makes purse shopping entertaining and scrapbooking non-distasteful. So during the midnight hours when I used to compose my posts, I have been clicking through the months of her life, starting in September 2005. I wish that she lived next door to me.

I left her a comment to that effect (I believe the words “best friends” may have been used), but she hasn’t responded. Perhaps my reputation has preceded me.

The great thing is that if she evades me here, we shall meet in the here-after. That’s right, folks, she’s a sister (in Christ, that is).

There's no getting around it, Katrina S., you can’t run away forever.

So here’s a shout out to cool people who are Christians and random blog addicitions.

Way to go, Kevin!


Katrina said...

Haha! I didn't know what you meant by "guilted you into it", so I came back for a closer look! I didn't see this post before. :D

I am complimented beyond belief, and I was very moved by your best friends comment, which I remember distinctly because I read it aloud to my husband with much excitement. I was only prevented from replying at length by the Draconian demands of NaBloPoMo, which is over now, thank goodness!

I look forward to catching up on some backreading in your blog--you do, indeed, seem like someone I would instantly glom onto in real life and drag around to all the latest Gerard Butler movies. (He's got a new one coming out, by the way! "The 300"--don't miss it!)

sikegami said...

Jessi, I'm not even sure what to say, this post is that good. I wonder how many others have a "favorite blog" they read. I've been know to catch up with a family from Switzerland.