Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Annual Gates Family Tree Trek

Here's a few pics of the tree trek.

Waiting at Mom and Dad's. We never get out on time.

Ty and The Bud

Suiting up.

The Papa Tree. Yes, that's what Christmas trees look like up here.

JR and Callie found a tree.

Me too. Laura and I have an impeccable sense of winter fashion.

Zach cut my tree down for me.

Annual ornament earrings.

Annual ornament juggling.

Ahh, finished product.

In context.

I love the tree trek.

It is becoming imperative that I learn flickr.


Sam I am said...

awesome journey...I feel like I was there ....minus the freezing cold and the barely trees.

Anonymous said...

Jenni - I would like to say.. "LOVELY" >.<

Anonymous said...

your tree is beautiful, and it looks so nice in your house. i wish i was there, 9 more days. let's drink tea in your living room and sit by the fire and look at the tree.
i love you!

Daylan said...

oh you make me so homesick! the annual gates tree trek is a legend that will never be lived down. if everyone in your family (and that's a lot of people) suddenly dies, i will carry the torch for you. for all 59 of you. jessi, i miss you! i can't tell you how much i miss heating up water on your gas stove and watching (round 2 for me) the office on friday nights, then contemplating whether or not we should go to college group. sigh. i love you. enjoy your white christmas. though mine won't be white, i am going to the coast and then on safari, so i don't think it will be too bad. love you!!!