Monday, October 16, 2006

Don't call me Sonic

Everyone has an aspiration to greatness. Some run marathons, others paint masterpieces, still others learn second languages.

I knit hedgehogs.

We can't all be DaVinchi, you know. But these hedgehogs are pretty cool. So far I've knitted two.

Maybe next time I'll knit a sheep. Or a stuffed Mona Lisa. Or something.


Rachelle! said...

very nice jess!
you are truely talented... an artist at heart, who would've guessed?
i think the hedgehogs are super-di-duper cute!

Lisa LaG said...

OK--Jessi! This is true greatness! Love the hog! Miss you all and the snow and the planes. Lisa

sikegami said...

Love it.
Question: How did you get into this type of art?

jessi said...

Well Sarah, thanks for asking. My mother's physical therapist showed her the pattern. Just think, if my mom hadn't torn her rotator cuff, we would never have been introduced to the wonder of hedgehog-knitting.

Anonymous said...

i think he's adorable. can i be godmother or fine. he's really cute though.