Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lock Your Cars, People. A Cautionary Tale.

In a timely reminder that I live in a city now, my car was broken into last night.

I thought things looked a little messier even than normal as I approached my trusty Santa Fe, and upon closer inspection it was clear that my car had been breached. Someone had raked through my glove compartment and ransacked the middle console.

I peered through the window and hesitated about getting in. It seemed creepy, like the crook could still be in there, I don’t know, hiding behind the shearling seat covers. Also, do I need to worry about fingerprints? How high on the priority list is petty theft to the Columbus PD?

But as it turns out, I couldn’t see that anything was missing. Nothing was damaged on the outside of the car, leaving me with the unsettling suspicion that I may have possibly left it unlocked last night (rookie move, Jess). And as far as an inventory, it appears that he (or she!) had no interest in the following:
Ball of twine (1)
Plastic package of fast food condiment (several, various)
Plastic army guy w/ parachute (1)
Prism (1)
Teething ring (1)
Debit card, expiration 9/2008 (1)
Napkins (3)
Book on memorizing Scripture, purchased circa 2003 (1)
Dog food in Ziploc Bag (about 3 cups)
Playing cards (about 48)
$60 cash that was in the untouched lower compartment of my middle console (which I will now be referring to as the “secret compartment”)

He (or she!) also left my registration and car info alone. So not a malicious burglar. Not even a good burglar. Just a messy one.


Ken said...

Let's hope he (or she!) doesn't subscribe to your blog on a stolen computer and find out about the secret compartment. I hear that most petty car thieves are serious bloggers.

Susan said...

Or maybe they just took pictures of the info on the stuff left behind and are now going to start stalking you. (Or my sister's guess is perhaps they were interrupted.) And can I say you keep random stuff in your car?