Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Are you still there, World Wide Internet?

London - Frankfurt - Whitehorse - Anchorage

Anchorage - Houston - Birmingham - Memphis - San Francisco

San Francisco - Tokyo - Shanghai

Chongqing - Xian - Beijing

Beijing - Tokyo - San Francisco - Memphis - Birmingham

Birmingham - Houston - Los Angeles

These have been my flights over the past month. Only a few more next week - Los Angeles - Seattle - Anchorage - and I'll be done with air travel for 2008.

I just got back to the States after a couple weeks of touring like a tourist in China, and I am facing the ever-intimidating prospect of Settling Down in Anchorage. This means finding a job, getting plugged back into ministry at the Chapel, searching out an Anchorage-area writers group, and finally unpacking that bright yellow toiletry bag that has been my constant companion over the past year.

It also means, I hope, taking some time to reflect on everything that has happened since last September, and maybe even sharing some of it with you. It has been a great year, I can tell you that much right now, and I stand on the other side humbled and blessed and tired.

So the posts may be a bit chronologically random as I strive to keep you up to date with my present while catching up on my past.

But I'm back to the blog! Spread the word.


sikegami said...

Welcome home! Please share :)

GreenEggsandSam said...

spreading word.

did you get my you hate me?

Susan said...

Hey - did you have any BBQ in Memphis? I had my first layover there on my last flight and I about died of hunger when I got my first whiff of the airport. Wow - I've never been happier to have a long layover (or to pay $8 for stinkin' airport food!!)

Anonymous said...

Gosh I hope you got miles for all that flying! I think you did better than me this year, and I've logged about 40,000 miles!

Anonymous said...

I look forward to being amused, enlightened and instructed by your postings and I am still hoping that our "family connection" will earn me an autographed copy of your story and stories to come!

Patti Greenfield (Laura's mom)

The Bird Nest said...

"touring like a tourist"
Thanks for that.
Your flight history of 2008 is impressive. Beats my Burbank-Phoenix-Minneapolis/St. Paul (and back) trip for sure.
And I thought I was the adventurous one. ;)