Tuesday, July 22, 2008

La Sagrada Familia

Started in 1882, with a planned completion date sometime in the next twenty years, the Temple of the Sacred Family, or La Sagrada Familia is the ultimate example of budget and time overruns.

I mean, really. I know that it is very huge and very elaborate what with the stained glass and the marble arches and the stonework covering the outside, but over one hundred years and still under construction???


We were able to go and see the work on this cathedral and go up one of those impressive looking towers (four of the towers are completed, there will eventually be thirteen - one for each apostle and a big one in the middle for Christ. I have walked through a lot of old Catholic churches in my time, but this was the first time I´ve been able to see one in the process of being built. Priests and nuns were replaced by men in hard hats and ticket takers.

I´ll be interested to see La Sagrada Familia when it is completed. It is going to be an awesome and beautiful building. But I wonder if it will succeed in pointing people toward Christ or toward man´s architectual prowess.

PS: These aren´t my photos. Will share some when I get home.


GreenEggsandSam said...

freaky...it looks like a mangled honeycomb. Nice commentary from you, by the way.

sikegami said...

Lazy? LOL.
Yeah, I'll wait to see the finished product before I decide if it's all that jazz you say....

Anonymous said...

Katy and the QM think the towers look very impressive. Also, they look like a lot of hard work over many, many, many years.

Maggie said...

Wow...was going to ask how long until it's complete but I guess, with 4 towers down and 9 left to go, the answers is, a while!! Looking forward to seeing you!!

Greg said...

Excellent point - but it is making me want to design buildings in Google sketch up again - I think I just answered your question.