Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kevin Recommends #2

(This is the place where we get to recommend things that we like. Once again, in the spirit of credit where due, the idea was 100% ripped off from McSweeney's.)

Spelling out alphabet letters_Actually just one: Aitch.

Poetry readings_Turns out, these are going on all the time. And poets are really friendly in a desperate-to-be-understood sort of way.

Billy Elliot, the Musical_The movie is better, in our opinion. But the dancing kid in this musical is phenomenal.

Spain_The only place where you get to practice your high school Spanish AND flush your toilet paper!

The Gadsby Project by Red Mountain Church
_Rearrangements of old hymns by a church out of Birmingham, Alabama. We like every song, but especially the Johnny Cash-like ballad – Christ, Or Else I Die. Plus, harmonica!

Getting some friends with cars_It just makes life so much easier.

Not getting crapped on by pigeons
_We recently gave this a try and can state unequivocally that getting crapped on by pigeons is lame.

Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh
_We’ve been hearing a lot about this book and the related movie, and finally picked it up at our local library. Read most of it with a tight throat because it is gross and sad. In the comfort of your own home, try reading it out loud – Scottish brogue, baby!

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