Friday, May 02, 2008

Things I’m into right now

1. sandwich – bread + tortilla = wrap. Mmm.

2. Holiday planning – we are going to go EVERYWHERE this summer!

3. Flannery O’Conner – seriously, why does anyone write anymore? Have you read her stories? Unbeatable.

4. The elliptical. That’s right, you skeptics! Forty minutes. Three days a week. Give or take.

5. Losing my wallet. Actually, I’m not so into that.

6. The Word in Action series at Widcombe – it had a very promising start last night

7. Dancing with strangers – I just can’t stop the beat! Must be all that natural rhythm.

8. Lost – are they seriously all dead?

9. Having people over (but if there are more than three, then someone has to drink out of a jar)

10. Café Nero’s. It may be a chain, but it’s my chain and we’re happy.

1 comment:

CB said...

Flannery O'Conner...I have to say Jess I wouldn't have guessed that one. I mean, she's pretty witty but quite morbid to say the least. There is one that I read in college that still haunts me if I think about it too hard. (I can't remember the name of course but where the lunatic shoots the whole family)