Sunday, May 25, 2008

Eurovision Song Contest 2008

Yeah, I'd never heard of it either.

But I'll tell you what, when Europe gets together to put on a show, the sky's the limit.

The Eurovision Song Contest has been going on for like sixty years. Forty-three European nations compete, but only twenty-five are permitted to perform in the final televised extravaganza. Musicians from the twenty-five countries perform their songs one after another in a marathon concert with no commercial breaks. The concert is held in the country that won the contest in the prior year. This year, Serbia.

After all the songs have been performed, the viewing public call in their votes (sound familiar, Simon Cowell?). But (major twist!) you can't vote for your own country. We voted for Latvia. Of course.

After fifteen minutes, the polls are closed and the real fun begins. Turns out, ALL forty-three participating countries get to report their top ten results. Representatives in each country were standing by to read their nation's scores via live satellite feed, and to enjoy their fifteen seconds of fame. It takes a long time.

This was the scene at Andy's house about three hours into the Eurovision Song Contest 2008.

The show was saved by the acerbic commentary of Terry Wogan. His snide observations kept the whole thing just ridiculous enough to stave off pity and just funny enough to keep watching.

According to my British friends, Eurovision is no longer a song contest, but a political popularity contest, with countries voting for their neighbors regardless of their performance. This was the explanation for the UK tying for rock-bottom last. They had a good song, but no love from Europe.

Russia won with a saccharine ballad about believing in yourself.

Here's a clip of the Best European Song.

Yup. That's an ice skater.

Naturally, we capped the evening off with a rousing game of Bible Trivia.


GreenEggsandSam said...

so much about that was fantastic...I can't decide which points, but i do know that, as usual, I smiled at your literary wit and ability to make me feel like I was there!

Anonymous said...

That's really horrid.
Waaaaay too emphatic, the man with the violin. And the ice skater just made the whole thing scarier than a clown at a birthday party.

I'm going to have to watch Mary Poppins now, just to take my mind back to a happy place.


madburns said...

on behalf of flower and myself, we wish to extend to you a very hearty "thank you" for that sweet piece of entertainment.
the drama
the spasmodic violinist
the token ice skater
the ripping wide of the shirt
the passionate gripping of the shoulder
hhmmmmmm ... wow...
corona is blessed by you

andrew said...

Cool!!!! Can't believe i've only just become wise to your blog! How exciting, i can add it to my work-delaying website check-list. AND my relaxation pants get a full colour photographic outing. Special!