Saturday, May 10, 2008

Conversion Story

I have no idea what the temperature is, and this is because of history.

Once upon a time, two scientists, Dr. Fahrenheit and Dr. Celsius-Centigrade fell in love with the same woman.

The men, formerly best friends forever, fought over the beautiful Dr. Kelvin. They stopped speaking to one another, and even parted ways professionally, dividing their years of research between them.

However, as it turned out, Dr. Kelvin wasn't interested in either of them, but was only trying to get close enough to steal valuable information about how to get the mercury to go up that little tube.

So through the tragic combustion of fate, science, and love, we now have to deal with three separate ways of measuring the temperature.

They gave Kelvin absolute zero - because she was so cold.

Anyway, that's why I can't tell you exactly how warm it is outside. But it's nice. It's weather that makes you want to be out in it.

The girls enjoy a little sunshine after class.

Kim and I had a picnic in front of the Royal Crescent on Friday...

...but a thunderstorm drove us indoors for pudding and Seinfeld. Not a bad evening.

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Katrina said...

You are so funneee! I'm sticking with Fahrenheit--he doesn't make much sense, but I know him well. ;) Glad you enjoyed some time outside!