Saturday, March 15, 2008

Warning to Diabetics: This post may be a little sweet

This was my first public reading of my own work. I knew almost everyone in the audience, and I only read for about three minutes, but it was still nerve wracking.

Writing is a gateway to vulnerability. You put something down on paper, revise it, revise it, and then send it into the void saying, "Well, this is the best I got." And if the people don't dig it, you just press on.

I have, however, an incredible group of friends who dig everything I write, if only out of loyalty. I could have read my class notes on Samuel Beckett and they would have cheered me on. I really appreciate the shelter that the good opinion of my fellow writers is providing while I work on developing my thick skin.

So, that made me think about my blog and the same kind of warm, sappy, fuzzy feelings surfaced. You guys are great. Thanks for reading the good posts and the boring posts. Thanks for sticking through the lean months.

Wow, am I really going to post something so sentimental?

At least it's short.


sikegami said...

I love reading your writes...writes? Works!
I look forward to Way to Go Kevin and I'm stoked you had an official picture, thanks for sharing, thanks for writing!

Anonymous said...

Don't rule out the far-fetched possibility that we read what you write because we enjoy it. What did you read for your public?__Queen Mother

Katrina said...

You are so could we not love every word that drips from your precious pen (errrm, keyboard)?

Great photo!

My Middle Name is "Gerous" said...

I'd read it even if I hadn't known you since birth (that would sound even more impressive if there weren't that 20-year gap in the middle where I didn't know you at all, but let's take what we can get, shall we?) So, well done. __Freddie Mercury (Queen Father)

Amber said...

I'm a relatively new reader (so nice to be in touch again!), but checking Way to Go Kevin! on my links bar when I get in to work in the morning is becoming part of my routine. A little dose of Jessi always brightens the day! Keep 'em coming.

And, by the way, are you going to post what you read? Or do I have to come over there to be so privileged?