Saturday, January 26, 2008

The happiest traditions on earth.

I was able to stop through LA on my way back to Jolly Ol'. It was fabulous.

I chilled like a vill with Sam and the Burns and the Flowers. I hit all the great restaurants before my plunge into a world of culinary mediocrity (Baja Fresh, Rubios, In N Out, Egg Plantation, Wood Ranch). Additionally, I visited a little place called Disneyland with Ken and Beth.

Ever heard of it?

New Tradition: Mickey Mouse pancakes

But why stop there?
Donald Duck


The UK

California (Beth got a little carried away with Catalina. Or is that Alcatraz?)

Old Tradition: If you're cranky, you have to wear the mouse ears

New Tradition: Eating your PB&J and Ruffles on Pirates of the Carribean
Old Tradition: Pretending like we're spinning like gangbusters on the teacups, but not actually spinning at all because it's just not worth it.

Retro Pic: circa 2002 w/Ryan Kendrick

New Tradition: Arriving at noon and leaving at ten like grown-ups


GreenEggsandSam said...

awesome. it was so fun to have you here!

Katrina said...

Oh, those pancakes totally put my bunnies and airplanes to shame... Glad you had a great time!

madburns said...

goofy? or about 22 other things i could come up with.

McAwesomeness said...


Holy cow I haven't read your blog in a couple months and I just stumbled upon it (I should be in bed).

Thanks for the shout out via old school picture!!!
Seeing that picture, I can VIVIDLY recreate it in my head. I couldn't tell you what we did immediately before or after the teacups, but I remember taking that picture and all of us realizing it was going to be awesome.

On to more important things--where are you in England? Because I will be there in T-Minus 3(ish) weeks. By myself. Hanging out. Killing time for like 7 days.

...this could be perfect.

email me.