Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Residential Weekend

This past weekend I went with some of my fellow students to a retreat in the English countryside about an hour and a half (or two and a half hours, if you trust Bruce, the talking GPS) south of Bath.

It was sort of like my initiation week at my undergrad with fewer relays and more wine. Several of the tutors came and led workshops. We wrote haikus about our feelings. Two guest authors also came to give readings and pep talks. Mostly, though, it was just a get-to-know-you-and-eat sort of time.

In other words, my kind of weekend.

Anyway, here are some pictures.

The outside of one of the buildings. The main meeting/dining room was a converted barn.

These are the girls in my workshop - Hannah, Abby and Fran. We break each other's hearts every week with constructive criticism.

I went on a walk with some of the tutors. Here is Commander in Chief Richard Kerridge getting us unlost.

The Dorset cliffs.

Ollie (another student) and me and the Dorset cliffs.

Some cows. They're everywhere, and you know what that means. Tread carefully, my padawan.

I think this cow means to do Ollie a harm.


Anonymous said...

sounds delightful...

Katrina said...

Oooooh! These pictures are making my heart ache with...well, not jealousy, because that sounds like such a mean emotion, but...would longing work here? Anyway, I would really, really love to be seeing and doing all the things you're seeing and doing!

Keep the photos coming!

GreenEggsandSam said...

i'm SOOOOO stoked for you...this place is perfect for you. this new adventurous chapter is so perfect (it seems).