Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sweet Piper

So in my parent's quest to become ever more agrarian, they have made a major and much anticipated purchase.

A horse.

Yes, we're becoming those kind of people.

So now the Gates farm consists of the following:
Houses 3
Horse 1
Barn 0

Although the barn is still in the works, Bud the Builder (not to be confused with Bud the Sister) saw an advertisement for a small, 3 year-old quarter horse. Of course my mother and sister went to check her out, and of course they loved her. A horse is a horse, after all.

After the purchase, I drove out to Palmer to see her, and I gotta admit that I like her a lot, too. She's little, but that just makes it easier to shove her around as the Bud and I learn how to be horse people.

I've only got two months left in AK, so I'm trying to not get too attached.

Mom, Bud, Piper and me
Sorry about the zombie eye. I don't have photoshop on this computer.


Holly said...

What a sweet horse. And excuse me for being slightly behind the ball (or the horse), but are you moving away from AK? To new and exciting and faraway places?

Sara Scott said...

awww look at the horsey!!!

:) Do they like snow? ;)

Katrina said...

What a pretty horse! I tried to convince my parents that we needed a horse when I was ten years old, but they didn't seem to think an equine companion would do well in suburbia.

You know, horse people have an added allure to them, an air of mystery, as if they might saddle up and ride off into the wild plains and new adventures at any moment. (The tricky part is finding some wild plains that don't have No Trespassing signs on them...sigh...)