Friday, April 20, 2007

B.O. - but not what you think

It's time.

I signed up today for Blockbuster Online, and I'm feeling super excited about the new world of cinema that has been opened to me. I've decided that I'm only going to order old/obscure/foreign/movies that I haven't seen before from the online store, because that wil be the best way to utilize this new resource. Apparently, when you're done watching a movie, you just zip it up in its little pouch and take it to your (my, in this case) local Blockbuster. There you can exchange it for an in-store rental while you await the next movie in your queue.

So we'll see how this works in reality.

Here are the movies in my queue:

Bit of Fry and Laurie – Hugh Laurie is one of my favorites. I have high, high, high expectations for this. I’d better laugh my face off.

Half Nelson – crack-head teacher movie that I’ve been wanting to see for some time.

King of Comedy – Recommended by Sam. It must, therefore, be funny.

Junebug – I’ve heard a lot about this one – still have no idea what it’s going to be like.

Bedazzled – I think this one might have some theological abnormalities.

Lollilove – an independent movie written and directed by Jenna Fischer and her husband.

Dick Cavett Show – talk show in the seventies who talked with the greats of the seventies.

Love and Death – supposed to be Woody Allen’s funniest.

Real Life – supposed to be Al Brooks funniest.

Barry Lyndon – a Stanley Kubrick movie based upon a William Thackeray novel (strange bedfellows).

Imposters – Oliver Platt and Stanley Tucci. That’s all I know.

Our Hospitality/Sherlock Jr. – Buster Keaton

Marathon Man – Nazis, dentists, and revenge.

Adaptation – crazy weird movie about writing a crazy weird movie.

So there you have it. I haven't seen any of these, so I can't speak to them as yet.

In addition to watching a lot of movies, I also hope to finish Atlas Shrugged - and soon.

That book is like the loaves and the fishes.


sam neylan said...


sam Neylan said...

OK, so I've been having trouble with leaving comments lately..I think ti's when I switched over to Google. Boo. Boogle.

OK, I wanted to give you some heads up on your newest endeavor...Blockbuster. It's my 2cents worth...take it or make change likey.
-Half Nelson...good acting, heavy content, but kind of slow
-King of Comedy..YES, please
-Lollilove-don't get your hopes up
-Adaptation-uuumm, I wish I had turned it off. I seem to remember that there was a lot of the 'm' word. and I don't mean 'muslim'

Soooo, do what you will. I can't wait to hear back on some of the other picks though! I love that you are goal oriented in the movie watching realm of life

jessi said...

I have noticed a dirth of Sam-initiated comments and am glad to have you back on board, Camper.

I think you should come to GB with me.

Ken said...

I feel a little bit un-cultured...I've only heard of 1 of those movies.

Have you seen "Stranger than Fiction" yet?

Katrina said...

I am so tempted to join one of these subscription video services since I talked to my sister-in-law about Netflix. Still thinking about it, though, so be sure to give us any feedback you have on the process as you go along!