Thursday, March 22, 2007

Nobody does it like her.

I was standing in my kitchen this evening, enjoying a slice of Sara Lee's Whipped Cheesecake (with strawberry topping and graham cracker crust) when my eyes happened to fall on the familiar slogan emblazoned across the empty box.

Wait a second, I thought. What does that say?

No, really, what does that say?

The famous, well-known slogan is "Nobody does it like Sara Lee!" Right?


Apparently the phrase is (and has always been) "Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee."

How could I have lived my whole life without knowing this?

What's next?

Nike - Just Duet?


Holly said...

I had the same exact experience about a year ago, and I could hardly believe my eyes. I was actually SO SURE that I was right that I thought the box had been printed wrong. Really? The box was PRINTED wrong? Seriously? Then I came to my senses. I'M STILL STICKIN' WITH "NOBODY DOES IT LIKE SARA LEE", THOUGH. And yes, I certainly DID put the quotation inside the comma.

I feel your pain, Jess. Feel it deep down inside.

Sam I am said...

stop it.
just stop the genuis.
Nike-Just Duet?

Amy said...

I totally thought the same thing about the Sara Lee slogan. Even today, if you had asked me which was correct, I couldn't have told you.

I love the Nike- Just Duet thing!!!

(if you listen to the lyrics of Bruce Springsteen's "I'm on Fire" it really sounds like 'woo oh oh, Elmer Fudd." Really. It does. And no, I wasn't drunk.)