Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Tonight's the Night.


I hope I'm not disappointed.


Sam I am said...

Sooooo? Was it all you'd hoped it to be?

jessi said...

Thanks for asking, Sam.

Any YES! It had it all - sacrifice, brainwashing, yelling into walkie talkies.

But the best thing is that now it's on 'til the end of the season - no reruns or skipped weeks.

You gotta get on this train.

The Bird Nest said...

Camper Gates, fun blog, nice omelet especially since I linked here from ikegamai blog! Hope you are doing well. The Bird family has been a long time reader but a first time commenter.

Flower said...

What in the world! Hit by a bus?! Whats going on?


Katrina said...

Oh, no! If the bad guys aren't all bad guys, that really messes with my chi.

Who is behind all this? I can't wait to find out!