Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Oscar recap

Congratulations Helen.

Well done!

And you too, Marty.

Way to go Kevin!

I’m sorry that I haven’t seen your movies. But I plan to.

Favorite shadow puppet:
Happy Feet.

Best dressed:
Steve Carrell

Where was he?
Matt Damon

Where was she?
Julia Roberts

Favorite montage:
the nominees at the beginning

Best presenters:
The kiddos

Best acceptance speech:
Toss up between Whitaker and Thelma – the film editor for The Departed

I like the Oscars. They’re long, they’re boring, but I like the tradition and the formality and the glitz and the…I don’t know. Am I a bad person? What is it that makes me interested in the successes and failures of people I do not know?


Anyway, I like them and I’m not going to overanalyze it. If you missed 'em - come on over. I've got it on TiVo.

Speaking of Helen Mirren, tune in next time when I tell you why I love Calendar Girls – the movie, not, like, in general.


Sam I am said...

calendar girls...I loved it... Like you, I am not into 'calendar girls' in general, but rather the story of old women raising money for a good cause and doing it with decorum and class.

Favorite Ellen quote, having Spielberg take a 2nd photo, "Can you get it more even?" or something like that.

Holmsey said...

absolutely love the oscars...go to an annual party every year at the keller's where we make our choices and pics. sad that pan's labyrinth lost best foreign film. i thought helen mirren was stunning as well. ellen did a great job...