Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Things I am into right now:

CS Lewis
Texas Hold'Em
Scrubs (hee hee)
The Office

Things I plan to be into in the near future:

Home repair
Ayn Rand (Atlas Shrugged)
Lost (Feb 7, Baby!)
Writing - always, always in the elusive void that is the near future


Sam I am said...

Good to know..GTK
No American Idol, eh?

Flower said...

What is "Ayn Rynd"?
And why is the Atlas shrugged?
Who shrugs an Atlas anyways?

sikegami said...

Scrubs? Really? I don't know much about that...maybe that will be on my into-things for the future...hmm. Jessi, can I confess I am terrified of the quotation mark these days? And the only way I can conquer my fear is just using it as much as possible!!! """""""""""""""""". Whew,that was nice.

RosieBoo said...

I'm a recent convert to The Office...I feel now that I can never get enough. And, I'm in love with Jim. :)

JohnFox said...

Hey, just checked out the site. Love that you're blogging! Quirky, funny, and good writing to boot.

ps. Dear Flower, Ayn Rand is the gunk that gets stuck in the Fountainhead of your shower. We the Living people often shrug as we dig it out. Hope that explains things.

Katrina said...

What is wrong with Jim and Pam? I have taken to yelling at the TV every Thursday night, and my family is worried.