Friday, December 15, 2006

And I hear it kills 99.9% of all germs, too.

Listerine is my new favorite.

Tonight I had a revelation. I realized (after several weeks of increased Listerine usage) that I do NOT have to pour the mouthwash into the little cap before partaking. I realized that I could drink DIRECTLY FROM THE BOTTLE. That's right.

Who knows how much is four ounces? I do, that's who.

Who am I sharing this fine bottle of Listerine with? That's right, the germs that are annihilated are mine and mine alone.

It saves a whole step in the morning AND I get to feel like a rebel.

Just don't tell my mom.

Hmm. Addendum. Now that I think about it, I don't think that four ounces is really the serving size. I mean, that's a lot of Listerine. Unfortunately, when I tried to look at the directions again they had stuck together (one of those blasted peel away labels). If anyone has a bottle at home and would care to clue me in to appropriate serving size, my mouth and I would be greatly appreciative.


Sam I am said...

Hydrogen Peroxide is my 'drink from the bottle choice' is amazing!

sikegami said...

What a fabulous discovery. Question: does the mouthwash kill the germs from your backwash as it returns to the bottle? I ponder the same thing about bar soap...I'm sensing a new "Mythbusters" idea...

jessi said...

Very good point, sikegami. We should contact Adam and Jamie immediately.

Do you think we'd get a cut?

Handley said...

Just a random thought from a randon guy: I study Dentistry, and i can tell you that Listerine is terrible for your mouth,because contains so many alcohols that damages the oral tissues. I use it to kill spiders! (no joke). If you want something good,use Plax from Colgate or any other similar. Same thing with peroxide in excess.
See ya.

jessi said...

Huh. A very excellent comment, Handley. I definitely want my oral tissues intact, thankyouverymuch. My next mouthwash purchase will be Plax, and I'll let you know how it goes. If I ever find any spiders in my mouth, however, I'm switching back.

Thanks for the advice, random guy.

Katrina said...

Oooh! I can always use another spider killing tip, and I'm also rather fond of my oral tissues, so I appreciate the advise from your new commenter.

Speaking of Adam and Jamie and mouthwash, did you see the Mythbusters where they created a mouthwash substitute out of vodka and cinnamon? Hmmmm...wonder how that affects the old oral tissues...

jessi said...

Well, I don't know about my oral tissues, but the rest of me'll be feeling pretty good.

raymond pert said...

I'm a Notes/Napkin reader.
I was just skimming around in your blog.
The Listerine caught my eye.
I love it.
I've never used the cap.
I swish a mouthful..maybe 10 oz's...I don't know...for while counting to 100.
It's the single best feeling I have all day....(although I'm becoming addicted to Marmite...but that's another story, another taste, and off topic).


raymond pert said...

I just read handley's comment/warning.

Tough noogies, pal.

I'm a Listerine guy...I'll swish it till kingdom come.