Wednesday, November 15, 2006

King Solomon's favorite fruit

Tonight, in a fit of inspiration and snacky-stomach, I elected to revist an old love. Not since the second grade have I dared delve for the sweet and sour juiciness that is contained within a pomegranate. So because my roommate bought them (they were two for one) and because I'm just that sort of adventurer, I decided to have a pomegranate for a midnight snack.
I have to ask myself, are pomegranates worth it?? I'm not so sure anymore. And I'm beginning to doubt the sanity of a mother who would send their second-grader to school with half a pomegranate and a spoon. It's a veritable blood bath.

I think it comes down to loving the journey.


Sam I am said...

WORTH it, by Sam Neylan
-Pomegrantes: NO
-Journey: YES
-Shooting your food like sikegami: YES
Sorry I haven't called you back yet...California's phone lines don't work anymore...weird.

sikegami said...

Pomegranites are SO cool, but I admit I haven't touched one since 3rd grade...something about having a really difficult time getting it to be edible, only to eat weird little seed things and then ruining my T-shirt. However, you have proved otherwise :) Pause....Despite being content to still not revisit that scar, I am inspired to try other things I have neglected since elemenatary school...monkey bars, anyone?

The Bird Nest said...

Funny you should mention it. Scott recently brought home a pomegranate for me. Sweet of him. I was having morning sickness that day, and he remembered that long ago I had told him how much I liked them. I think it's one of those things that the memory is sweeter than the experience. An hour later, one-half of a pomegranate eaten, one-half of the kitchen and dining room stained, and a pile of soggy seeds...awww, forget it. Next time I'll try buying the juice.