Thursday, November 02, 2006

If I tell you this, will you still be my friend?

I have a confession to make. I really like Star Trek. When I was in junior high, the crazy crew of the USS Enterprise were in their heyday. It aired like four times a day and I was right there with them - permed hair, knobby knees and all. When I watch old episodes (yes, I watch old episodes), I'll get an occasional dumb chill when I see the metalic purple bedclothes or the cheesy planet sets. And still I love it. I can't explain it any better than that.

Okay, so on to my point! Do you have 11.25 hours to kill? Well if you do, and if you like Star Trek (it's okay! This is a safe space), then I've got a series for you. Back in college when I was spending my limited TV budget on jewels like Joe Millionaire and Extreme Makeover, there was a little TV show that slipped under the radar. It only aired 11 episodes and then it was cancelled, strangled by the shallowness of insipid American culture.

The show, Firefly, is the answer to every person who has said, "Man, I wish there was a show about funny and flawed cowboys traveling through space in a craft shaped like a bug to a sweet Asian/Country Western soundtrack."

Firefly. Check it out. It has lasers and horses and a guy named Jayne. You can't go wrong.


Flower said...

I have the entire set of Star Trek: Next Generation Trading Cards...I could make you a good deal on them if you're interested. I wish we could have holodecks.

jessi said...

Totally. Also...replicators.

Sara Scott said...

HA Kent just BOUGHT Firefly.. I believe its ALL the episodes ever made!!

Hmmm seperated at birth?