Thursday, October 19, 2006


Spam has become like wallpaper in the background of my life. It's really hard to eliminate, but I find that I don't even notice it after awhile. My spam blocker on my Yahoo account is pretty good (the blocker on my Apple is less good), so I hardly ever have too deal with it. It just piles up, a multitude of messages offering hope to the poor, downtrodden, sick and impotent.

But every once in awhile, something slips through and I find myself opening a message from Janice French with a subject like “Re: your request.”

Have you ever noticed the little paragraph of gibberish that is included to (I presume) beat the spam filter? Sentences pulled from a hundred different sites that don't relate to each other. The one I read today had some great sentences, so I tried to put them together into a sort of story. It is disjointed and weird, but bear with me.

This poem was written (written? assembled.) entirely with spam sentences. It's about the opportunities for relationship that we walk past every day. I did write the title, though.

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