Monday, October 30, 2006

Hooray for Snow!

So it finally snowed up here! Geez, we're way behind Colorado. I wasn't able to carve my pumpkin this weekend for the third annual pumpkin carving contest (even with the extra hour). But mine will be ready tomorrow. Vote for Jess!

This weekend I was able to see two really great things.

1: Byron Glacier (with two of my friends)

2: Smokey the Bear dressed as a zombie. Or a mummy.


Sam I am said...

whoa. Smokey makes me feel weird.
AND, I anxiously await the pumpkin entry.
I saw the Flowers yesertday and we agreed that none of us feel worthy to write posts on our blog now that you're in the 'community' truly are the ultimate master. We each wait with bated breath for you to pen (type) your words of sheer delight!

Flower said...

Smokey looks like a burn victim wrapped in guaze...which would be kind of ironic

What ryhmes with skumpkin? Pumpkin! Where is it?